go to Go to bed right now. She's got to go to the bathroom. They will go to the superstore. You'll go to Florence in the spring? That box will go to the storeage room.
got up I got up at seve this morning. They got up to Alaska by mid July. She got up to the third question,then gave up. The sleepy dog got up only after it was thrown a bone. The water got up to my knees!
been to___binta Have you been to the new Apple Store? I've nevere been to Spain. She's been to the library five times all ready. Do you know the song "I've never been to me"? My pdrinter has been to the repairman several times.
Your/you're___yer You're completely right. Is that your sister in the red dress? This is your magazine,not mine. You're welcome! You're missing a button.
71_don't you_doncha
Dno't you wish we were younger? Don't you smoke in this room! Why don't you compliment her more? You love this song,don't you? Don't you remenber him?
that your/that you're_tha chur_71 I can't believer that you're climbing Mr,Fuji! Did anybody tell you that your shoelaces are untied? Is that youre handkerchief? That's a sing that your password is not a secret anymore. Is it about somebody that you're in love with?
an orange_a noranj_69 I'd like an orange pair of gloves. I'll just have an orange juice,please. An orange has lots of vitamin C. An orange cake?
get your_ge chur_70 You can get your lunch at the cafeteria. Let's get your hair done today! Will you get your driver's license renewed next week. Get your shoes on right now.
are you_arya_70 Where are you going? Are you serious? How old are you really? Are you ready to run the marathon. Are you familiar with the lyrics?
to a_tua_68 Here's to a special couple, Cheers! You need to take your child to a specialist. I'm writing a birthday message to a good friend. How can I explain such a thingto a 5-year old? The world is coming to an end!
for a_fo ra_68 I've been searching for a cheap tablet. You're in for a ride! I need to apply for a new passport. We need a plan for a sustainable future. I'm all for a change!
that all_that tall_67 The American Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. It has been decided that all studnts will graduate. Is that all there is to this? There are 5 rules that all writers must follow. I can't believe that all you've done is made a protory.
should not have_shunna_65 He should not have taken the money. They should not have left early. I should not have eaten the oysters. The company should not have let him go. She should not have cleaned it.
could not have_cunna_66 He could not have been in Kyoto yesterday. I could not have done it without your support. She could not have said it better! They could not have fixed it in such a short time. The boss could not have known.
Can I_kuh nai_67 Can I take a holiday? Can I pay in Japanese yen? Can I have two hot dogs? Good morning,sir. What can I do for you? Can I use my credit card?
would have_wuda_65 I would have if I could have! She would have gone if she had the time. No one would have known. They would have eaten it. The floors would have been slippery.
must have_mustav_64 I must have left it at home. They must have finished it. She must have knitted the scarf. The player must have cheated! It must have been perfect.
he_e_61 What's he doing here? He's not who I'm talking about. The boy needs to know that he's loved. He is the problem,not me! I told the truth but he didn't believe me.
have to_hafta_64 I have to go to the restroom. You have to try this pizza,It's delicious! They don't have to go if they don't want to . Mom,do I have to eat this spinach? I have to say that I'm impressed!
her_er_62 It donen't matter her. It's her scarf,not mine. They waited for her to come. It will be better for her to wait. The little girl hugged her teddy bear.
have_av_62 Why have they decided to quit? I would have if I could,but it was impossible at the time. I don't have that much cash with me right now. I'll have the pasta tonight. She couldn't have known about it.
herb_ur b_61 I enjoy mixing herbs to make special herbal teas. What kaind of herbal tea do you have? Is rosemary an herb? I only use organic herbs. Chamomile is my favorite herb.
or_r_59 Would you like a pen or pencil? Which would you prefer,in blak an white or full color? By fax or email? It comes with bread or rice. You have a choice of BBQ sauce or honey mustard.
of_uh/uv_59 I'll takesome of the books. Do you know the book "Of Mice and Me"? Most of the students passed the class. Get out of here! I love ths sound of this instrument.
big girl_bih girl_55 You're twelve years old? The big girl saved the puppy. When I'm a big gil,I'm going to join the girl scouts. There's Papa's big girl. What a big girl!
ding dong_din don_56 The doorbell went "ding dong". Ding Dong is a name of a famous round chocolate cake. The church bells continued to ding dong for three minutes. You are such a ding dong! It was a ding dong fight for the top position.
56_dropping_dropin I keep dropping my gloves! Steve loves name dropping when talking with his superiors. They escaped through the window by dropping to the ground. "It's a fake"he said dropping his voice so the others wouldn't hear. I'll be dropping off the cookies in a few minutes.
55_rang_ran(g) Someone rang the doorbell. That name rang a bell. His comment rang true. My ears rang after the rock concert. The timer finally rang.
54_coming_comin' I'm coming home for the holidays. Are you coming or not? Coming! Coming to a theater near you. She'll be coming around the corner any minute now.
54_young girl_yun girl She's a youg girl. How's your young girl? I'm still a young girl at heart. Is it a young girl or a young boy? Young girl? That's me!
52_throwing up_thro inuh I felt like throwintg up. Everyone was throwing up their arms. Dad was throwing up blood. How can I keep from throwing up on a plane?
53_acting_actin She was acting strange today. Stop acting up like that. I'm acting just like you. He's into acting these days.
53_doing_dooin How are you doing? What are you doing these days? She's doing very well. The hairdresser is doing my hair rihgt now.
52_going on_go inon What's going on? It's going on ten o'clock. The speech is going on and on. We have time so keep going on. I'm going on a safari!
bridges_bri jiz_50 Did you watch the movie"The Bridges of Madison county"? There are 35 bridges on the River Seine in Paris. It overlooks a river and one of Kobe's oldest bridges. Many people aboid bridges and tunnels which may be targets for terrorism. Don't burn bridges.