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This is a good book. This dictionary is good. Is that an interesting book?---Yes, it is. Is that book interesting?-No, it isn't. This is not right. That is not a real flover. This soup is not very tasty. Is this salt or sugar?--This is sugar. Is that woman French or Italian?-Shi is French. Is that man Jpanese or Chinese?-He is Japanese.
These are books for children. Are those real flowers?-No, they aren't. These boys are junior high school students. Are those girls high school students?-Yes, they are. These cars are very expensive. Those house are not new. Are these books or magazines?-They are magazines. Are those cars new or old?-They are new. Are these men American or German?-They are German. Are those women Japanese or Korean?-They are Korean.
What is this?-It is a camera. What is that?-It is an ashtray. What is this?-It's a clock. What is that?-It's a pillow. What are these?-They are French magazines. What are those birds?-They are sparrows. What are those?-They are old stamps. What are those men?-They are policeman. What are those women?-They are secretaries. What are those people?-They are lawyers.
I am a student. Are you a teacher? He is a lawyer. Is she a nurse?-No,she isn't. We are Japanese. Are you students? They are policemen. Are they high school students?-No, they aren't. Are you happy?-Yes, we are. Hi is kind.
She is my teacher. Is that cat your pet? These children are her students. Those girls are his daughters. This is our car. Is that your classroom? Is that there house? My son is a college student. Is your wife a nurse? Are her eyes blue?-No, they aren't.
Who is this girl?-She is my sister. Who is that boy?-He is Robert. Who are those men?-They are my father and brother. Who are those women?-They are my mother and sister. Who is that tall man?-He is Mr.Brown. Who is that beautiful woman?-She is Ms.Smith. Who are you?-Iam john Green. Who am I?-You are my daughter. Who are they?-They are my friends. Who are they?-They are my students.
I have two cars. Do you have a piano?-No, I don't. He has many books. I like baseball. Do you like animals?-Yes, I do. Tom likes soccer. His brother likes it, too. Do you speak English? They speak Japanese well. What does your father teach at school?-He teaches mathematics. He plays baseball every day.
How many books do you have in your bag? How many cars does your uncle have? How many cousins does he have? How much milk do you drink every day? How much money does she need? How many languages does he speak?-He speaks three languages. How many students does this class have? How many brothers and sisters does Emily have?-She has a brother and two sisters. How much coffee does he drink every day?-He drinks five or six cups(of cffee). How many friends does your brother have?-I don't know. He has many friends.
I know him. Do you like her? She sees them every day. They know me well. I don't like them very much. Does he like us? Does your father know me? My mother likes you a lot. Does your son often play with him? She some times plays the piano for them.
This bicycle is mine. Is that big house yours? Her camera is new. His is new,too. Is this notebook yours or hers? Their school is old . Ours is new. Is this classroom yours? That big room is theirs. Is this small cat your sister's pet? Is that book his or hers? Are those flowers theirs?
Read this book. Write your name on the blackboard, please. Be quiet. Don't open your textbook. Please don't be noisy. Let's play soccer after school. Let's go to the sea with them. Let's play with them. Let's open this box. Let's go to Tokyo tomorrow.
Whose bag is this? Whose is that bicycle? Whose students are those boys? Whose bicycle is that? Whose are those stamps? Whose notebook is this? -It's his. Whose is this cute cat? -It' ours. Whose room is that? -It's yours. Whose books are these? -They are theirs. Whose computer is that? -It's theirs.
Where is your book? Where do you study? Where is her cat? Where does she live? Where are they? Where do they play baseball? -They play it in the park. Where is your brother? -He is in this room. Where do you go every day? -We go to school. Where are the eggs? -They are in the refrigerator. Where is Emily from? -Shi is from Canada.
When is your mother's birthday? When does she play the piano? When does your father go fishing? When is Christmas? When do your children do their homework? When is the party? -It is next Sunday. When do they play soccer? -They play it every Saturday. When do he and his brother play catch? -They play it every day. When does your father cook dinner? -He often cooks it on Sundays. When do you see him? -I see him every day.
Which is your bicycle? Which is his house,this or that one? Which are her pencils? Which is your father's car? Which book is yours? Which woman is her teacher? -That tall woman is. Which are your students,these children or those children? -These children are. Which dog is her's? -That big dog is. Which is your father's favorite chair, this one or that one? -That one is. Which is his favorite sport, baseball or soccer? -Soccer is.
It is fine today. Is it fine in Tokyo? It is ten o'clock in the morning in London now. Is it hot in Paris today? It is summer in Australia now. It is dark in the room. Come in. It is warm here. It's dinner time. It's always warm in the country. It isn't very warm in his room.
What time is it now? What time do you go to bed? What time is it in Tokyo now? What time does the first class begin? What time does your father come home every evening? What time do you have dinner at your home? -We have it at seven o'clock. What time is it in your country now? -It is nine o'clock at night. What time do your sister and brother go to school? -They go to school at eight o'clock. What time does his brother get up? -He get up at five o'clock. What time does this class end? -It ends at eight forty-five.
There are three windows in the room. Are there any trees in the garden? How many students are there in this class? There are only three books in this room. How many languagers are there in the world? There are not any flowers in this garden. How many months are there in a year? Are there many parks in this town?-Yes, there are. There are some tall trees on the hill. There aren't any girls in this school.
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