MorisawaYousuke e_11
I went to the library to borrow some books. He will go to France to study art some day. My brother goes to the sea to enjoy surfig every Sunday. Did you come here to see Tom? Robert and Nancy went to a nice restaurant to have dinner last night. My brother is saveing money to buy a new bicycle. I am going to get up early tomorrow morning to do my homework. My cousin is studying English hard to go to England next year. They have to study for many hours every day to pass the exam. She will go to Kamakura alone to visit her grandmother tomorrow.
I am happy to meet you. I was happy to see him again. She will be glad to see you again. I am sorry to be late. They were suprised to see the big building. We were very surprised to hear his story. I was sorry to hear the bad news. Your parents will be pleased to receive your letter. Were you happy to see your old friend? They were very happy to swim in the beautiful lake.
I have homework to do today. She had something to say to him. Do you have any books to read? He won't have any time to see you tomorrow. Did he want some thing to eat? I don't have anything to do today. I am going to buy something to give to my brother at that store. He had a lot of things to do yesterday. He doesn't have a house to live in. Do you have anythig to write with?
She likes playing the piano. Will you stop(give up) smoking? When did you begin(start) collecting stamps? Learing foreign languages is alot of fun for me. Driveig a car is sometimes boring. She is good at speaking English. His hobby is collectingt rare butterflies. Is his job teachig Japanese to foreigners? Why is learning English important? What musical instrument do you like playing?
This church is as old as that church(one). Are those boys as old as these boys? The cat was as big as a dog. That movie is as interesting as this movie. Are these oranges as seweet as those oranges(ones)? She became as beautiful as her mother. This car doesn't run as fast as my car(mine). You have to (must) study as hard as she does. He can't speak English as well as you do. She got up as early as her mother this morning.
This apple is bigger than that one. Tom is taller than me. Is your car newer than hers? We were much happier than they were. It will be much hotter tomorrow than today. My mother looks younger than my father. His bag looked heavier than mine. Who is prettier than Nancy?-Emily is. That picture is better than this one. Mt.Everest is much higher than Mt.Fuji.
Robert is the tallest in his family. This cat is the smallest of the five. Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Who is the youngest in your family? He is the smartest student in the class. What is the longest river in Japan? That girl is the prettiest in town. That bicycle is the newest of the three. This is the best way of all. Which is the best dictionary of them all?
Is English more useful than French? These flowers are more beautiful than those. Tom is much more intellingent than Ed. The book was much more difficult than this one. Is baseball more popular than soccer in Japan? His father was more famous than him(he). Health is more important than money. That movie is much more interesting than this one. His car is more expensive than mine. This town is more dangerous than your town.
Health is the most important of all. This is the most beautiful of these pictures. Hi is one of the most famous actors in the world. Who is the most beautiful girl in town? Is baseball one of the most popular sports in Japan? Who is the most intelligent in your class? That red car is the most expensive of these ten cars. What is the most difficult language in the world? The smallest apple was the most delicious. Chess is one of the most interesting games.
My brother can swin faster than me(I). She walks more slowly than other girls. He can speak English better than me(I). Tom got to(arrived at) the station earlier than this friends. Do you study harder than he does? My brother came(back) home later than I did. I got up earlier than my mother this morning. He read the book morecarefully than I did. Does she speak French more fluently than you do? My brother studies much longer than I do.
My mother gets up (the) earliest in my family. He can speak English (the) best in my class. Emily walked (the) most slowly of the three. He spoke Japanese (the) most fluently of them all. Who studies (the) hardest in your class?-Tom does. My sister got(back) home (the) lastest in my family yesterday. Ed will be able to swim (the) fastest of them all. Who sleeps (the) longest in your family?-My sister does. Pat listened to the teacher (the) most carefully of those children. The cheetah runs (the) fastest of all animals.
Who is taller,you or your father? Which is bigger,his room or hers(her room)? Who went to bed later last night,Tom or Robert? Which is older,your school or theirs? Which do you like better,cats or dogs? Which do you like better,mathematics or English?-I like mathematics better. Who is the tallest in your class?-Tom is. Which subject do you like (the) best?-I like history (the) best. Who got up (the) earliest in your family this morning?-My father did.
I have lived in this town for ten years. It has been hot since last week. How long have you known him? He has not written to his parents for a long time. I haven't seen him since Monday. She has used the bag for three years. My father has been busy since last week. Mr. and Mrs.Brown have lived in Japan since 1985. Peter has been in his room for two hours. We have been on this train for five hours.
I have just had(eaten) lunch. Have you done your homework yet? Tom has broken the window. She has lost her wallet(purse). Have they arrived(got) there yet? We haven't received(got) a letter from him yet. The boy has gone to America. Tom and Peter have already washed the car. Who has opend this box?-I have. They haven't had(eaten) dinner yet.
I have met him once. I have seen this movie before. Hve you ever been to that country? She has never been abroad( to a foreign country). We have read this book many times. Have you ever tried bowling?-No,I haven't. He has never talked to a foreigner in English. Have you ever driven a foreign car? Tom has been to Europe three times. Henry has never learned Japanese befor.
I have been reading this book for two hours. She has been playing the piano for more than three hours. How long have you been watching TV? Have they been learning Japanese for a long time? It has been raining since this morning. Scientists have been trying to soleve the difficult problem for centuries. He has been waiting for his girlfriend for hours. They have been looking for an apartment for months. Nancy has been working here for ten years. That boy has been running for over an hour.
I think that she lives in America. Do you know that he came here yesterday? She believes that he will come back some day. I hope that you will come again. She thought that her brother was watching TV. We did not think (that) the moviewas interesting. I hope (that) it will be fine tomorrow. She believed (that) the man was their teacher. Why do you hope (that) he will go abroad (to a foreign country)? They did not know (that) they were wrong.
Emily is liked by everybody(everyone). Is this room used every day? This desk was not made by him. English is spoken in many cuntries. This book will be read by many people. The child was loved by his(her) parents. Is this doll made of wood?-No, it isn't.It is made of paper. Cheese is made from milk. A beautiful song was sung by the girls. Whom(Who) was this book written by?
That man is not liked by children. Is the star seen in Japan? What is this made of?-It is made of stone. Have you ever been scolded by that teacher? This story is known to everyone(everybody). Where is the language spoken? The cake has been eaten by Tom. Those cars are not used every day. Where were you born?-I was born in Japan. Wine is made from grapes. e_1