If it is fine tomorrow, we will go on a picnic. If he doesn't come tomorrow, I will do the work. If you want to learn English, you have to study more regularly. As she was sick,she was absent. He stayed (at) home all day because it was raining(rainy). As she was very tired,she decided not to go swimming. You have to do your homework before you watch television. Does your brother always brush his teeth befor he goes to bed? Please wash the dishes after you eat dinner. It began to rain after he washed his car.
While I was doing my homework,my brother was reading a comic book. He met an old frend while he was walking on the street. Where were you while we were looking for you? He learned a lot of things while he was in the country. Let's wait here until he comes back. They have to study hard until they pass the examination. I have to stay at home until my parents come back. Although the stone was very heavy, he tried to lift it. Though she was very tired, she practiced the piano. Although it was very late, she decided to go out.
I don't know how old he is. Do you know who that woman is? Will you please tell me where she is now? I wonder what is in the box. They want to know where the boy was born. Please tell me what you want to do. He did not know why she began to cry. I wonder what food they like. Do you know how long the foreigner has been in Japan? They tried to understad what the word meant.
I didn't know what to say. He wants to know how to study English. Do they know where to go? I don't know what to do now. Please tell me when to start(leave). You must(have to) decide which book to buy. He is learning how to use the machine. Does your mother teach you how to cook? As both books look interesting, I don't know whichi to buy. Will you please tell me what to buy at the store?
It is important to learn(study) English. Is it easy to drive a car? It is impossible to master a foreign language in a year. It is interesting to learn new things. Why is it necessary to study many subjects? It is difficult for me to remember people's names. It is important for her to practice the piano every day. It is iteresting for you to collect stamps,isn't it? It is very easy for them to speak English. It is difficult for him to get up early in the morning.
I want you to go there. My father tells me to study every day. Did he ask you to tech him English? The teacher told the students to do their homework. Why did she ask him to come at once? I want you to be happy. She wants you to tech mathematics to her son. She told him not to open the box. I asked them not to look at the picture. I told you not to go into(enter) the room,didn't I?
We call the cat Mike. They named their son James. Did you make him your leader? What does she call you? Your present will make her happy. What made him angry? She keeps her room clean. Why did you paint the walls yellow? What do you call this in English? The news made us happy.
The sleeping baby is cute. The baby sleeping in the cradle was cute. Can you see the running boys? The boys running in the school playground were his students. Who is the girl speaking English? Does he have an aunt living abroad(in a foreign country)? Have you ever seen a running horse? I have never seen a penguin swimming in the sea. Do you know the man standing at that corner? The woman playing the piano was his sister.
Look at that broken window. The window broken by Tom will be fixed tomorrow. He is going to buy a used car. This is a room used by a famous writer. Have you ever read a book written in English? He wants to buy a car made in Germany. Is this a song loved by many people? English is a language spoken by many people. Give me some boiled eggs. He enjoyed the cake baked by his mother.
He has a friend who(that) likes collecting stamps. Can you see the people who(that) are running in the park? In this school,there are many students who(that) were born abroad. The girl who(that) likes animals wants to be a veterinarian(vet). Do you remamber the man who(that) spoke to us yesterday? The boy who(that) stays up late every night is often late for school. Is she a college student who(that) studies history? Who is the writer who(that) rote this book? Is the woman who(that) is playing the piano your aunt? The student who(that) is studying hard will soon be able to speak English.
He has a cat which(that) has a small tail. Is this a train which(that) leaves at three o'clock? That is a desk which(that) was made by my father. The house which(that) was built by the carpenter is very strong. The dog which(that) comes to our garden is always hungry. What is the building which(that) stands near the station? Can you see the cloud which(that) looks like a ship? The story which(that) was written by the writer will be read by many peple. Let's go to the restaurant which(that) opened last week. The children played on the hill which(that) was coverd with flowers.
He has a friend whose father is a pilot. Can you see the mountain the top of which is coverd with snow? That girl whose hair is long is Nancy. The woman whose hobby is driving (a car) often goes to the sea by car. Can the boy whose mother is Chinese speak Chinese? The man whose car broke down went to work by train. Please look at that house the roof of which is green. I want to study in a room the window of which is big. At the library,I found a book the title of which was interesting. That house the garden of which is big is my aunt's.
That is the writer (whom/that) he respects. Is tom the boy (whom/that) Emily likes (the) best? He wasn't he man (whom/that) Nancy loved. The man (whom/that) we met yesterday is a famous pianist. Are the students (wom/that) you tech smat (clever)? The old man (wom/that) I helped wanted to go to the station. Is that the girl (whom/that) he wants to meet? Have the pepople (whom/that) you invited come yet? She is a singer(whom/tat) everybody knows. An American (whom/that) I now speaks Japanese very well.
That is a picture (which/that) he painted(drew). Do you know the song (which/that) she sings every day? These are not the pictures (which/that ) I took. The movie (which/that) I saw last night was very interesting. The cookies (which/that) she baked yesterday were delicious. Is the language (which/that) that forigner is speaking Ggerman? The story (which/that) he wrote will be read by many people. Does the used car (which/that) Peter bought last month look new? Is the book (which/that) he wants to read expensive? What is the language (which/that) he has been studying for five years?
I cluld not understand what he said. Is that what you want? Will you plese tell me what you know about him? This is what he said. What she saw there was surprising. What they did was right. What we didn't expect happened. What you have to do is (to) study every day. What your parents want you to do is (to) write to them more often. What that politician says is different from what he does.
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She is too tired to stand up. I am too busy to help you. Their son is too young to travel alone. The student wa too sleepy to continue his study. Hi is too old to do the work. This coffee is too strong for me to drink. The teacher spoke too fast for the students to understand. The book will be too difficult for them to read. The sentence was too long forher to remember. This dish is too spicy for me to eat.
You are old enough to be independent of your parents. He was kind enough to help me with my homework. Tom and Nancy are not old enough to ge marrid. Hi is rich enough to live without working. It is light enough in this room to read a book. The water of the sea was warm enough for them to swim. This house is big enough for ten people to live in. He will be tall enough to be a basketball player. The box is light enough for a woman to carry. Thisbook is easy enough for children to read.
He is so kind that everyone likes him. The actor is so good-looking that he is very popular among women. It was so cold yesterday that we did not go out. The movie was so interesting that I saw it three times. This novel is so long that few people can read it till the end. The language was so difficult that I gave up learning it. She was so exited that she could not sleep. His story was so boring that we all fell asleep. She was so busy that she could not help her brother with his homework. That car is so expensive that I can't buy it.
I heard her say something. Do you often see him go into the store? I have never seen them clean the classtoom. The students listened carefully to the teacher explain. The old woman watched me open the door. Did you feel the house shake? We listened to her play the piano beautifully. I want to see the plane take off. She noticed her brother leave the room. Listen to the birds sing.
His father made him study German ever day. Did you make her do your homework? I will let you look at an interestin picture. Why did she let them use her room? He had his secretary type the letter. She had he waiter bring a glass of water. Who made Peter do such a thing? He had his wife make some coffee. Are you going to let your son go abroad alone? He made the boy wait there.
That is the village where he was born. The lake where we swam was very beautiful. The park where they often play baseball is near here. Is this the room where they study? He grew up in a country where it snowed a lot. The zoo where we went last week was very big. Where is the bookstore where she bought the book? Is that the school where he teaches mathematics? This is the place where I painted the picture. We want to go to a store where we can buy something to eat.
Jume is the month when it rains a lot. Wednesday is the day when she practices the piano. The year when he went to America was 1990. I remember the day when I first met him. Wat is the season when he goes abroad every year? She will never forget the day when she drove a car for the first time. April is the month when schools begin in Japan. Will you please tell me the time when he will come here? The day when his father enjoys fishing is Sunday. Do you know the time when the plane will arrive? e_2 MorisawaYousuke