James is a teacher. Linda plays soccer Greg usually gets up at six.
1 I am Japanese. 2 They are foreigners. 3 That is magnificent. 4 You go first. 5 We often play tennis. 6 That painting looks great. 7 They eat cat's meat in their village. 8 Allison is at home. 9 I give you money. 10 You make me happy. I you he/she/it we you they We always play tennis. We usually play tennis. We rarely play tennis. We occasionally play tennis. We regularly play tennis. We habitually play tennis. Your guitar sounds great. that onion soup smells great. This sandwich tastes great. We eat cat's meat in our village. Do you eat cat's meat in your village? 0 alcohol is widespread. However, alcohol has a great variety of benefits. I drink one glass of wine at dinner every evening. It helps me tremendously in many ways. For example, a good wine is a good appetizer . I always enjoly the meal with it. Another positive aspect of alcohol is its tranquilizing effect. Thanks to the dinner wine, I have a good sleep every night. They send you here for life. And that's exactly what they take. The part that counts anyway. 1 Do you go? 2 You are not nice. 3 Go. 4 You may be nice. 5 I'm pleased with the test result. 1 I am not tall. 2 Boys, be ambitious. 3 Is he really happy with his job? 4 Do you like your school? 5 I usually don't drink cold water. 6 I don't always eat rice at meals. 7 Monica won't leave for some rason. 8 I can't entirely agree. 9 I'm surprised at his progress. 10 John is very much delighted with my idea. I always don't eat rice at meals. I don't always eat rice at meals. I will go with you. I can go with you. I must go with you. Shall I go with you? Shall we go? I should go with you. I do go with you. I ought to go with you. I have to go with you. I used to go with you. I need to go with you. I dare to go with you.
Japan's political stance is often criticized as "indecisive." That may be true. Things look quite unclear in Japanese politics. However, I disagree. Pokitical leaders deal with delicate issues day and night. Therefore, in many cases. they just can't be very clear. That's part of their job. In other words, they must make unclear statements due to the nature of the job. In my opinion, We are a little too critical about politics and politicians. What do you think? Do you agree with me?
1 I go to bed before midnight every night. 2 Ken came from Okinawa. 3 The weather will be fine tomorrow.
1 She was very happy with her family. 2 The scenery was truly spectacular. 3 The artist looked really old. 4 I met many foreigners at the restaurant. 5 I came back from the nearby convenience store. 6 People ate dog's meat hundreds of years ago. 7 You suddenly made me sad. 8 It will be fine on the weekend. 9 Things will turn for you soon. 10 The situation will become even worse.
One of my best friends was extremely diligent. He studied over 10 hours every day. He hardly slept. Everybody called him crazy. For some reason, he was very nice to me. He helped me with my homework all the time. His intelligence was well beyond my own. One day , he suddenly transferrd to some other school. What happened to him? I don't know. I just don't see him anymore. Will I ever see him again? I don't know.
It will be rainy tomorrow. It's summer already. It's very cold outside. It's already dark at 6 p.m. It takes 10 minutes on foot from here to our school.
1 I am going to school. 2 I was going to school. 3 I have been to Tokyo. 4 I had been to Tokyo.
1 Is Jim still talking to Jane? 2 My husband is always complaining about every thing. 3 I'm leaving in a few minutes. 4 I'm Just being honest with you. 5 Victor is being very mean for some reason. 6 I was reding a book at that time. 7 I haven't seen Jack in a long time. 8 I have never said such a terrible thing to my parents. 9 Have you ever seen a film called ''Last Gamble''? 10 I had lived in Osaka for 5 years by that time.
Jason is not a rude person in any sense. On The contrary, he is usually nice and friendly. I have known him since kindergarten. My parents know him well, too. They like him. However, he has been acting quite odd lately. He ignores me very often. Actually, almost always. What's going on with him? Maybe he is having some sort of problem with me. Maybe I did something wrong to him. Why doesn't he tell me then?
He does his best.
He is doing his best. Is he doing his best? He is not doing his best. Is he not doing his best? He must have sbeen doing his best. Must he have been doing his best? He must not have been doing his best. Must he not have been doing his best? I want you to go there. My fathere tells me to study every day.
1 David called me when I arrived home. 2 Let's go fishing if you have the time. 3 I quit reading the book because it wasn't interesting. 4 Whether you like it or not, I need you to go. 5 Why don't you just do as you are told?
when___David called me when I arrived home. wheneve___Whenever you need me , just call. while___while I was working on my homework, I got three calls. once___Onece you begin practicing, you'll enjoy before___Check your parer befor you turn it in. after___I ate breakfast after I came home. till___I was never interested in painting till I met you. untill___I kept on working until my boss came back. if___Let's go fishing if you have the time. unless___Unless you do it first, nobody else will.
because___I quit reading the book because it wasn't seem to be feasible. since___We have to change our plan since it doesn't seen to be feasible. as___As it was gettingchilly, we turned back home. though___Though it was cold, he swam in the lake. although___Althought it was freezing, he played outside for hours. whether___Whether you like it or not , I need you to go with me. while___While I admit that the situation is really grave, I think we can handle it. as____Why don't you just do as you are dold?
1 While I traveled around Europe, I met quite a few Japanese tourist. 2 I will wait until you finish eating. 3 Onece you get the gist of it, computer science will be a piece of cake for you. 4 Unless you get the work done by tomorrow, you will lose the customer. 5 Even if you are not happy with the offer, you will have to accept it. 6 We must do it ourselves since we can expect no help from others. 7 Though it was very hot, I didn't care. 8 Although you don't believeit, it did happen. 9 Cathy took care of here younger sister, even though she was still in junior high school. 10 Treat others as you want them to treat you.
I drank a cup of coffee right after I arrived home because I was very sleepy. I drank a cup of coffee right after I arrived home and took a long hot bath I drank a cup of coffee right after I drove over 300 miles and arrived home.
A person's true colors show when he/she is put in an extreme situation. I remember one incident with my homeroom teacher back in my senior year of high school. Although she had surgery of a very difficult kind and needed to stay in hospital for at least a week, she came back to school after a couple of days because we, her students, were on the last stage of preparation for our college entrance examination.
Tell me where she is. Please show me how you did it. May I ask you who didn't show up last night? Why don't you tell me who did it? Will you tell me how much it was?

as soon as As soon as you get what you wanted,you didn't want it anymore. I'll let you know as soon as anything happens. at once I can't do two things at once.