___prologue___ Nice to meet you. It's a great honor to meet you. Please give my best regards to Mr.Nishida. I have an appointment. We look forward to working with you. I've heard a lot about you from Mr.Kato. I wish you every happiness. I am so sorry. I hope you had a pleasant flight. After you. Thank you very much for coming. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. May I leavea message? I'm having difficulty hearing you. Thank you for making the time for the meeting today. I'm grateful to you for your advice. Thank you for your compliment.
56 After you. After you,Ms.Hibiya. Oh,thank you. Actually,I'm not so used to the idea of "ladies first,"so it feels a bit strang to me. Bu isn't it nice to have someone holding the door for you when you're overloade? That's right.It's a matter of getting used to,I guess. 57 After you. It's a matter of getting used to. When in rome,do as the Romans do. Thank you. Which floor? Go ahead. I'll hold the door for you.

98 Do you happen to ~? This product has become quite popular in the German market. Do you happen to have more detailed information on that?

150 I hate to trouble you,but ~ Matsuda-san,can you spare me a couple of minutes? Sure.What is it? I hate to trouble you,but can you take a look at the project evaluation sheet? I need stakeholders' comments. Can you spare me a couple of minutes? evaluation assessment performance_evaluation environmental_assessment stakeholders 151 I hate to trouble [bother / interrupt] you, but ~ I hate to I hate to say this, but you mighty want to be cautious when you deal with those buyers. I hate to trouble tyou again,but could you make fifteen copies of this document by two thirty? I hate to bother you,but will you kindly answere the employee questionnaire? I hate to interrupt you,but your taxi is here.
154 Would you mind if~? So when do you think we can submit the prototype to the custome? Would you mind if I answered your question tomorrow,after checking with the other team members? No,not at all.Tomorrow is fine. Thank you .I just wanted to talk with them to give you a clear answer. 155 Would you maind if I smorked? No,go ahead. Of course not. Sure. I'd rather you didn't. Would you mind if I sat here? Would you mind if I left my briefcase here during the lunch hour?
156 Would it be all right if~? It's somewhat warm today. Right.The temperature should't be that high,but maybe it's the humidity. Would it be all right if I took off my coat? Please do.I was about to suggest so. It's warm. coat be about to ~ 157 Would it be all right if I used your phone? Would it be all right if we discussed this topic first? Would it be all right if we modified the meeting minutes?
178 I ould recommend~ These are the maintenace service plans availale now. Let's see. They look quite complicated. Which plan would you recommend to us,Mdr.Iwata? Based on your copy volume,I would recommend Plan B. And if our volume douled,what would be your recommendation? 179 I would recomend What's your recommendation? What's today's suggestion? I would strongly recommend this therapy for smokers. I would recommend ths book as a sueful reference. What retail price would you recomend?
204 I'm not in a position to ~ So would you like to decide on this product package? I'm not in a position to make a decision now. May I take this back and discuss it internally? Sure. How soon do you think you can get back to us? I think I can get back to you by Friday at the latest. discuss it internally get back to at the latest I'm not in a position + to We are sorry,but We regret that I'm not in a position to answer your question,so may I consult with my boss first? We are sorry that we're not in a position to take advantage of your kind offer. I'm not in a position to make a comment on that.

220 I don't totally disagree with you,but~ After considering every angle,we belive that it would be best to discontinue this product. I agree. What do you think, Mr.Yamanaka? I don't totally disagree with you,but I think we should be careful about the timing of discontinuance. I don't think so. It's unacceptable. I don't totally disagree with you,but~ I'm sorry,but I must disagree with you. I don't totally disagree with what you've just said. I don't entirely disagree with your opinion,but I believe we should review the time schedule again.