CheJepon & MurakamiNorio
CheJepon It is raining in NewYork.100% 降っている。 It must be rainig 〜. 95% 降っているに違いない。 It ought to be raining 〜.90% 降っているはずだ。 It should be rainig 〜. 85% 当然〜に雨が降っているだろう。 It shall be raning 〜. 80% きっと〜に雨が降っているだろう。 It will be raing 〜. 75% おそらく〜に雨が降っているだろう。 It would be raing 〜. 65% 〜に雨が降っているだろう。 It could be raning 〜. 45% 〜に雨が降っているのではないか。 It may be raining 〜. 35% 〜に雨が降っているかもしれない。 It might be raining 〜. 25% もしかしたら〜に雨が降っているかもしれない。

must - straight solid line 45 forcible All students must keep quiet in the librtary. pressure & my thoughts must+have+p.p - 〜したに違いない。 I must go with you.He must have been doing his best.Must he have been doing his best?He must not have been doing his best.Must he not have been doing his best?

ought to - wavy solid line 45 focible 実現の可能性はmustよりは弱く、shouldよりは少し義務的観念が強い You ought to do it at once. I ough to go with you.

should - stairs solid line 45 focible 必ず何かをしなければならない、外部から何かを強要されたり、義務感が消え、やらなければならないという負担感が現れる。実現の可能性はmust,ought to に比べ低い。 You should do your homework before going out. should+have+p.p - 〜すべきだった。 I should have studied hard. I should go with you. If I should stay I would only be in your way.

shall - solid line level focible I shall have come home by eight o'clock. Shall I go with you? Shall we go?

will - solid line level I will do my best. Iwill go with you.

would - dot-line level We would often go fishing in the river when he was a child.wold で過去っぽく was で過去確定かな? She used to sing before large audiences.習慣的にしたものだ。used で過去かな? I would appreciate it if you could help me with my math assignment.It is too difficult for me.

can - solid line 45 Our team can easily beat your team. I can go with you.

could - wavy solid line 45 I thought he could drive a car. I could be your girlfriend.

may - dot-line 45 You may well believe it. I may go with you.May I go with you?

might - wavy dot-line 45 You might as well give him a letter.

do I do go with you.
MurakamiNorio_村上式シンプル英語勉強法 51 英文の出だしは12種しかない ,前置詞で始まったら、イントロ(例) In Japan〜 ,「The〜」とか「A〜」なら主語 ,「When〜」で始まって、カンマ(,)があったらイントロ ,名詞で始まったら,ほぼ主語 ,「It〜」なら,「It〜that・・・」か「It〜to・・・」となり,だいたいが仮主語 ,「To〜」なら,イントロもしくはカンマ(,)がなければ主語 ,「There〜」なら,There+動詞(V)+主語(S)で「Sがある」となる ,「Ving〜」なら,イントロもしくはカンマ(,)なければ主語 ,「Ved by〜」なら,カンマ(,)までイントロ ,「What〜」なら,文末に?などがなければ主語 ,「〜lyやBut」なら,カンマ(,)までイントロ ,それ以外の特殊なケース(ほとんど出てこない)
as soon as As soon as you get what you wanted,you didn't want it anymore. I'll let you know as soon as anything happens. at once I can't do two things at once.