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9/1 teacherArly teacherTinette 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, Sepember _Familiarity breeds contempt__equivalent_equal__
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8/4 teacherArly teacherYasmin teacherYasmin's next class__microApert_4_KeyLanguage_from_ August
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7/7 teacherArly teacherDezz July/07/23/Friday teacherDezz 1_Where are you in your family's birth order? 2_What activities do you remember doing with your mother? 3_What activities do you remember doing with your father? 4_Do you remember playing with your parents? What did you play? 5_When you were a child, were you ever punished? How? Why? (Any violence in the game will be punished.) 6_Do you remember helping your parents with chores? Which ones? (Cleaning is never a chore for her.) 7_What did your parents expect from you as a teenager? Did you rebel? (rebel group) 8_Which parenting duties do you think your parents did well? 9_Would you like to change anything about the way your parents treated you as a child and/or a teenager? Why/Why not? (duty free)(How's life treating you? Just so-so.) 10_Do you resemble either of your parents? How? (I resemble my husband in that I am short.)(If you need any help with the computer, either Keith or I can assist.) 11_How would you describe your mother and father's parenting style? (How can I describe it?) 12_Which of your parents was the main disciplinarian in your family? (My father was a great disciplinarian.) 13_Were the rules different for girls than for boys? What about family expectations for girls and boys? (Expectation is the mother of disappointment.) 14_What are your grateful to your parents for? (I am grateful for being born in this country.) 15_How old were your parents when you were born? 16_What do you think is the ideal age for parents to be? Why? (ideal beauty) 17_Did your parents ever live with their parents? 18_How do parents sacrifice for their children? Why isn't this always appreciated? _apology_ (Sacrifice your self to work and nothing is impossible.) 19_Are you close with any of your siblings? What do you do together? (Do you have any siblings?) 1. E n in my dreams 2. I see you, I feel you. 3. That is how I know you'll go on. 4. Far across the d 5. And spaces between us, 6. You have come to show you'll go on. [chorus] 7. n , f , wherever you are, 8. I believe that the heart does go on. 9. o m you open the door, 10. And you're here in my heart, 11. And my heart will go on and on. 12. Love can touch us one time 13. And nlastn for a l , 14. And never let go 'til we're gone. 15. Love was when I loved you, 16. One t time I hold [on] to. 17. In my life, we'll always go on. [chorus] 18. You're here, there's nothing I f , 19. And I know that my heart will go on. 20. We'll s forever this way, 21. You are safe in my heart, "Many go out for wool and come home shorn."

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7/19 word of phrase of clause of sentence of paragraph of passage=portion=section

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Teacher Vesna is going to go hometown and USA between last harf of July and August. 7/8 Dezz Vesna
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5/6 Arly, Yasmin, TeacherYasmin:try to act tour guide if at your faborite site.
april 4/22, Dezz, Tinette.
4/15, Paul, Vesna.
4/8 Nate, Jennifer.
4/1 Arly, Yasmin. account every 3months (\14000) teacherArly(home works) Name 3 persons that you admire most_and why?_ Name 3 persons that you hate most_and why?_
march 3/4 Vesna, Tinette.
3/11 Arly, Jennifer. 代表:小清水 副代表:河西 主会計:原 会計:竹内 会場取り:朽方 ホワイトボード係:馬鳥副久保田 For tomorrow, let’s write our story, the title will be Name 3 persons that you admire most And why?
3/18 Dezz, Paul
3/25 Yasmin,Tinette
_2/4__Dezz Jennifer ______teacherJennifer's homeWork. a)What do you think about what you read? b)What do you know about copyright? c)What do you think of copyright? d)What flags have a really good design? e)How prou should people be of their national flag? f)What do you know about Australia's indigenous peoples? g)What do you know about the history of your country's flag?
_2/18_Arly Paul _teacherArly's homeWork 1)Recommended places to eat _ in Japan.exanple)Oosaka's _representativeExample is _OkonomiYaki.Hiroshima's _representativeExanple is _Oyster. 2)Rcommended places to visit in ◆Recommended places to visit in Japan(日本でお勧めの訪問場所) > > 例:お城といえば兵庫県の姫路城(確か〜しらさぎ城として有名ですよね) > >   ダイビングするなら沖縄 など _Japan.exanple)
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_1/28 Vesna Arly 7 to 9 upStairsLittleCavasation Room at labor hall _2022_

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11/5 Tinette, Yasmin 7:00治蔀9:00 11/12 Arly, Nate 7:00治蔀9:00 11/19 Vesna, Paul 7:00治蔀9:00 11/26 Jennifer, Dezz治写舎隍ヌ、ケ。」。:00。チ9:00
as closing hour is pm10 class > between pm7 and pm9. _2021_ Oct29 lessons(may be added) Oct22 Paul Jennifer Oct15 Vesna Dezz Oct8 Arly Nate Oct1 Tinette Yasmin public hall close at 8pm antill 9/30 9/24 Jennifer Arly 9/17 Paul Vesna 9/10 5:50, Arly Nate 8/27 Jennifer Paul 治治治治5:50治蔀7:50