-------------- 5000/month 14000/3months -------------- teachers(dispense with Mr&Mrs) Paul:UK Jennifer:USA from Belgium_?_ Vesna:Servia Dezz:USA Arly:Philippines Nate:NewZealand Tinette:SouthAfrica Yasmin:
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February 2/24 2/17 2/10 2/3
January 1/27 1/20 1/13
1/6 2023
December 12/23 teacherPaul teacherJennifer
12/16 teacherDezz teacherArly
12/9 teacherNate teacherPaul
12/2 teacherYasmin teacherVesna
Nobember 11/25 teacherArly teacherTinette
11/18 teacherJennifer teacherDezz
11/11 teacherTinette teacherNate 勤労会館1階B_till_9pm
11/4 teacherYasmin techerVesna
October 10/28 teacherArly teacherNate
10/21 teacherDezz teachreJennifer
10/14 teachreNate teacherTinette
10/7 teacherYasmin teacherVesna
September 9/30 teacherArly teacherTinette
9/16 teacherJennifer teacherNate teacherJennifer will use print2 which at Discussion.
9/9 teacherDesmond teacherVesna
9/2 teacherArly TeacherYasmin
August 8/26 Tinette Nate teacherTinette will use Print_3_make ideom's sentence Idioms questions 1.Q: What is your favorite food to stuff your face with? ( What food can you eat a lot of ) A: Example: I like to stuff my face with chocolate! I like to stuff my face with __________ 1.Q: What do you usually do when it's raining cats and dogs ? A:I usually ____________________ 1.Q: What is the worst part of being sick as a dog? A: Example: Going to work when I'm sick is the worst part …. or … When I am sick as a dog I hate going to work. __________________________________ 1.Q: When is the last time you were in the dog box ? A: When I ________________ I was in the dog box with ________ 1.Q: What is something that makes you feel a little down in the dumps ? ( more natural…. What gets you down?) A: Example: I sometimes feel down in the dumps when I read the news I feel down ______________________ 1.Q: Where is your favorite place to grab a bite ? A: I like to grab a bite at ________________ because __________ 7: Q: Where do you like to chill out and what do you like to do to relax ? A: Example: I like to chill out at my house by painting …. Or …. I like to chill out by going to the movies in Tsujido. I like to chill out _______________________ 8: Name two things positive about being a mouse or couch potato. A: I think it's good to be a mouse potato because _____________________________ Hold your horses! I'm stuffed. It's raining cats and dogs. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Luse a turn. Let the cat out of the bag. Sick as a dog. I'm all ears. Put all your eggs in one basket. Make a mountain from a molehill. In the doghouse. A piece of cake. Down in the dumps. Grab a bite. Lend a hand. He's pulling my leg. Step on it. Couch potato.
8/19 Dezz Jennifer teacher Jennifer will use print_2_ words I know I'd go from rags to riches If you would only say you care And though my pocket may be empty I'd be a millionaire My clothes may still be torn and tattered But in my heart I'd be a king Your love is all that ever mattered It's everything So open your arms and you'll open the door To every treasure that I'm hopin' for Hold me and kiss me and tell me you're mine ever more Must I forever be a beggar Whose golden dreams will not come true? Or will I go from rags to riches? My fate is up to you Must I forever be a beggar Whose golden dreams will not come true? Or will I go from rags to riches? My fate is up to you Must I forever be a beggar Whose golden dreams will not come true? Or will I go from rags to riches? My fate is up to you

8/5 Yasmin Arly Print_4_ teacherArlyIsGoingToUseThisPrint
teacher Yasmin will use Print_0_ teacher Arly will use Print_1_at_NowYouCan_
July 7/22 Arly Jennifer_BeChangedFromYasmin_ Print_1_ teacherArly_nextClassToNowYouCan
print_2_ teacherJennifer will use nextClass
_ print_0_ teacherYasmin_nextClass_

7/19 word of phrase of clause of sentence of paragraph of passage=portion=section

7/15 Paul Nate
Teacher Vesna is going to go hometown and USA between last harf of July and August. 7/8 Dezz Vesna
7/1 Tinette Jennifer print_3_ teacherTinette_nextClass_ recentry, Sick as a dog. My custmer asked me

june 6/24 Yasmin Vesna This will be used next Yasmin's class.
6/17 Paul Arly
6/10 Jennifer Nate
6/3 Dezz, Tinette, teacherDezz'sPrint go to next class.
may 5/27 Arly, Vesna,
5/20 Paul, Arly-(Vesna)
5/17 general_meeting_may_2022_
5/13 Jennifer, Nate,
5/6 Arly, Yasmin, TeacherYasmin:try to act tour guide if at your faborite site.
april 4/22, Dezz, Tinette.
4/15, Paul, Vesna.
4/8 Nate, Jennifer.
4/1 Arly, Yasmin. account every 3months (\14000) teacherArly(home works) Name 3 persons that you admire most_and why?_ Name 3 persons that you hate most_and why?_
march 3/4 Vesna, Tinette.
3/11 Arly, Jennifer. 代表:小清水 副代表:河西 主会計:原 会計:竹内 会場取り:朽方 ホワイトボード係:馬鳥副久保田 For tomorrow, let’s write our story, the title will be Name 3 persons that you admire most And why?
3/18 Dezz, Paul
3/25 Yasmin,Tinette
_2/4__Dezz Jennifer ______teacherJennifer's homeWork. a)What do you think about what you read? b)What do you know about copyright? c)What do you think of copyright? d)What flags have a really good design? e)How prou should people be of their national flag? f)What do you know about Australia's indigenous peoples? g)What do you know about the history of your country's flag?
_2/18_Arly Paul _teacherArly's homeWork 1)Recommended places to eat _ in Japan.exanple)Oosaka's _representativeExample is _OkonomiYaki.Hiroshima's _representativeExanple is _Oyster. 2)Rcommended places to visit in ◆Recommended places to visit in Japan(日本でお勧めの訪問場所) > > 例:お城といえば兵庫県の姫路城(確か〜しらさぎ城として有名ですよね) > >   ダイビングするなら沖縄 など _Japan.exanple)
_2/25_Nate Yasmin
_1/7 Jennifer Dezz
_1/14 Arly Paul
_1/21 Nate Yasmin
_1/28 Vesna Arly 7 to 9 upStairsLittleCavasation Room at labor hall _2022_

_2021_ 12/3 Tinette, Vesna 7:00治蔀9:00 12/10 Paul, Yasmin 7:00治蔀9:00 12/17 Arly, Nate 7:00治蔀9:00
11/5 Tinette, Yasmin 7:00治蔀9:00 11/12 Arly, Nate 7:00治蔀9:00 11/19 Vesna, Paul 7:00治蔀9:00 11/26 Jennifer, Dezz治写舎隍ヌ、ケ。」。:00。チ9:00
as closing hour is pm10 class > between pm7 and pm9. _2021_ Oct29 lessons(may be added) Oct22 Paul Jennifer Oct15 Vesna Dezz Oct8 Arly Nate Oct1 Tinette Yasmin public hall close at 8pm antill 9/30 9/24 Jennifer Arly 9/17 Paul Vesna 9/10 5:50, Arly Nate 8/27 Jennifer Paul 治治治治5:50治蔀7:50